Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes, my favorite foods are prepared little salads out of things hanging around the house. It feels nice to use up the pantry stuffs, and it tends to be fairly healthy. It also feels nice to just chop through a bunch of stuff sometimes. Roughly, of course.

Tonight's odds and ends salad was awesome. Combined a couple pantry items from Trader Joe's: a package of prepared beluga lentils and yellowfin tuna in olive oil (drained). Added chopped celery ribs and leaves, persian cucumber, scallions, italian parsley, green olives, lemon juice, cooked green peas and grated parmesan.
Served with toasted barbari and sangak bread, feta cheese, cardamom-black tea with lemon.

Oh, and I made a grocery list for page 70 of May's Saveur. I'm thinking the okra would be pretty great over polenta. And maybe the orange scented olive oil cake would be a good alternative base for a pineapple upside-down cake. And what if it was mango upside-down cake? Hm.

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