Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's a rare occasion that I invent a new dish. Even less often, I'll attempt a terribly difficult culinary feat. Typically, I don't deviate much from tried and true recipes dug out of my cookbooks and magazines. That, or sandwiches. And living on a writer's salary means I don't get to dine out as often as I like, or go to all the fanciest spots when I do.

So, why would I start a food blog?

In part, I'm hoping the blog will be a memory aid. I'd like to remember all the things I've savored and the gray file upstairs has proven unreliable. And all the matchbooks or receipts or little bits of clutter I've collected over the years ends up tucked into forgotten drawers and dusty bowls. And it never jogs the ol' brains. So, with this blog, maybe I'll finally be able to keep track of the great little ramen spot in little Tokyo, with the name I always forget. Or the wonderful sushi place I like to go to when I visit Portland, Oregon. I also hope to develop and record my house's recipes and methods, my traditions and rituals. Every woman who takes pride in the kitchen she keeps has her traditions, be it licking peanut butter off a silver spoon over the sink after a bad day at work, or brewing 8 cups of coffee a day for a one-resident home.

The blog might amount to the marginalia in my cookbooks. Scattered thoughts and observations. Truly random observations that leave important things out. And I figure there will be some unflinching reviews of results in my kitchen and the kitchens of others. Though typically, I only really get inspired to write up raves, like I have on and off over the years on

For now, welcome to ChezMo, my culinary home.


  1. well, i'm excited. your salads always look so good and inspire me to get out the spinner and eat more lentils.

  2. Thanks, Carrie! Lemon juice and olive oil can make anything a salad! :)